Top 5 Ways To Correct Knock Knees

Top 5 Ways To Correct Knock Knees

Here in this article, I have mentioned what is Knock Knee, cause of it, symptoms, and Top 5 ways to correct knock knees. If you are suffering from knock knee then you should read this article carefully.

First of all, let’s understand

Alignment types of disease lower half limbs or leg bone problem- normal- knock knee- bowlegs or valgus- varus knee- 3D- human anatomy- medical diagram- educational concept- x-ray blue film color (1) (1)

What is Knock Knee?

It is known as Genu Valgum in which the affected person’s knee knuckle gets closer and the gap between their feet gets larger on standing. It generally happens due to the lack of proper treatment of leg in their childhood or teenage.

This problem is faced by many children. Children of age 4-5 years old may have knock knees as time spends legs begin to straighten and align properly but there are some who left and couldn’t correct it. Due to this, the curvature of the leg or the gap between feet gets wider.

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Causes of Knock Knees? (Genu Valgum)-

Close-up of female physiotherapist massaging the leg of patient in a physio room.

Genu Valgum may have several causes, potentially these causes can be of two types I.e. Metabolic Bone Disorder and Genetic Disorder. Here are a few common causes of Genu Valgum

  • Obesity, the greater weight impacts on your condition.
  • Injury or Illness affecting the leg or knee.
  • Arthritis, (means that joint inflammation or problem associated with the joint and the tissues that surrounds the joint)
  • Deficiency of vitamin D and calcium

Symptoms of Knock Knees

Valgus alignment leg or Knock-knee red highlights on knee joint- X ray film- Medical illustration- Healthcare- Human Anatomy and Medical Concept -Isolated on black background

You can check if a person is affected or not by it by asking him to stand with his knees together and measure the gap between the ankles if this gap is about 2-3 inches then he/she is affected by knock knee. You will notice that knees will appear to push inward each other. This can be fairly seen in the children about age 3-7 years old.

These symptoms are of knock knees can be seen or felt by these conditions-

  • Knee pain, that person will feel a strong pain while doing some tough work related to leg.
  • Mild pain in feet, hips, and ankles.
  • Strong pain in joints
  • Unable to stand properly.

Till now you have learned about what is Knock knees and it’s symptoms and causes but here we will learn about Top 5 ways to correct Knock Knees.

Top 5 Ways to Correct Knock Knees-

Generally, anyone suffering from it does not need to get any surgery or any medical treatment as it tends to correct itself as the children grow.

In mild knock knee cases the child should not avoid any physical activity it would be better to use supporting leg braces.

Treatment No. 1: Medication and Supplements

It should be treated with supplements that contain Vitamin D and Calcium. If any uncertain disease is causing knock knee then refer to doctor to correct and align your leg.

Treatment No. 2: Regular Exercise

A doctor may recommend you to a physical therapist or to do regular exercises (stretching) to strengthen muscles of the leg and realign the knees. Your exercise may consist of running about 1 to 1.5 km after running does little 30-40 squats or You can perform these three exercises for knock knees at home.

1). Side Lunges- The side lunge is an exercise that improves your lower body, squads, gluts, and hamstrings.

How to Do it- Stand with on your leg slightly wider (shoulder length) and toes pointed straight forward, then shift your body slowly on your one leg bending the leg on which you shifted keep another leg straight, repeat it on another leg. Try to do this for 10-12 repetitions.

2). Side Step-ups-

How to Do it- Take a bench or seat not longer than your knee height stand next to it, angle one leg along the direction of tool (bench or table) and place the foot on it and press down and lift your body in the air while doing this keep your other leg straight. Repeat this exercise for 10-12 reps.

3). Cable Abduction– It helps to target hip abductions.

How To Do It- Take a pulley, attach a cable to lower pulley, and hook it on your one leg. Stand straight to the pulley machine and grasp something or keep your hand on thighs for support. Now exhale while pulling strapped ankle away and inhale while releasing slowly to the starting position. Repeat for both legs for about 10-12 reps.

You may watch it for further reference

Treatment No. 3: Weight Loss

Excess weight can also be a contributing factor in knock knees. This excess weight may cause extreme pain while standing or walking leading to worsening knock knees. Doctors will recommend the affected person to lose excess weight by exercise or take light diet.

Treatment No.4: Orthotics

It is a splint or braces to support or correct foot alignment when the foot hits the ground. Shoe inserts are used to correct an irregular walking pattern. This will extremely helpful for the person who has a different leg size i.e. one is longer and the other is smaller. In the case of children, braces are used instead of orthotics to support them.

Treatment No.5: Surgery

It is not the first treatment that doctors will recommend someone it can be for the patients who have severe Genu Valgum problems and exercise and weight loss do not have any relief in pain.

Doctors insert metal balls in the knees These metal balls help to develop knees properly and later it is removed by surgery while in adult surgery is the same but knees joints are supported by metal plates these plates work as permanent braces and cannot be removed.

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