Louis Armstrong- Wiki, Bio, Birthday, Age, Height, Family, Career, Facebook, Twitter.

Louis Armstrong- Wiki, Bio, Birthday, Age, Height, Family, Career, Facebook, Twitter.

Here I am going to tell you about Louis Armstrong He was an American Actor, Vocalist, and trumpeter composer. In this article, you will learn about Louis Armstrong.

Q. How was his early life?

Q. How was his Married Life?

Q. How he started his career?

Q. The early life of Louis Armstrong?

Q. What was his height?

Ans: So, the height of Louis Armstrong was – 5 ft 6 inches (168 cm).

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Some Basic Information About Him

Louis Daniel was born in New Orleans. He often said that he was born on 4 July 1900 but he was born on 4 august 1901 it was his true birth date who was discovered by Tad jones by researching baptismal records. He died in 1971, it was not until the mid -the 1980s. He was an American trumpeter, compose, Bandleader, vocalist, and actor, etc. Louis Armstrong was born to William Armstrong and Mary Albert.

Louis Armstrong stayed at his grandmother’s home until he was 5 years old and later, he returned to his mother. When he was six, he attended the Fisk School. Armstrong Spent his youth in poverty in a rough neighbourhood known as the Battlefield.

Louis Armstrong did an early job for the Karnoffskys family. One day he selling coal in Storyville, he heard spasm bands, groups that played music out of a household object. Karnoffskys family treated him like a family member they knew he lived without his father, they fed and nurtured him.

He dropped out of school when Armstrong was only eleven years. Armstrong’s mother went into a one-room house on Perdido Street with him, sometimes, he joined a group that sang for money.

Armstrong was released into the custody of his father and his stepmother on 14 June 1914. He stayed in this house with his two stepmothers for some months. William Armstrong did not like him, so he returned to his mother. Armstrong’s mother had a small house there was one bed, had to share with his mother and sister. He sought to work as a musician. He found a job in a dance hall by henry Ponce. Then he met a Black Benny, later became his bodyguard and guide.

Some Information About His Married life

One Day Louis Armstrong was Performing the house in Gretna, Louisiana when he first time met Daisy Parker. She was a local prostitute. He started the affair with her as a client. Many times, he returned to Gretna on serval occasions to see her. 19 march 1919 Armstrong & Parker get married in the city hall. Then they adopted a 3-year-old boy, Clarence. Clarence’s mother was Armstrong’s cousin flora who had died soon after giving birth. Clarence Armstrong’s head injury in childhood he was mentally disabled. Armstrong spent the rest of his time in his care. Parker and Armstrong’s married life ended in 1923.

After some time on February 4, 1924, Louis Armstrong got married to Lil Hardin. A few years ago, she was divorced from her first husband. His second wife helped him develop his career. Their married life ended in 1931 and divorced in 1938. Then he married Alpha Smith. Armstrong stayed with Alpha Smith for 4 years and after then divorced in 1942. Armstrong then married Lucille Wilson in 1942 October. Lucille stayed with him until 1971.

Armstrong did not have any children. In December 2012, 57 years old Sharon Preston -Folta claimed to be his daughter from a 1950s affair between Armstrong and Lucille “sweet” Preston, a dancer at the cotton club. In a 1955 letter to his Manger, Joe Glaser, Armstrong affirmed his belief that Preston’s newborn baby was his daughter and ordered Glaser to pay a monthly allowance of $400 to mother and Child.

What were his Personal Habits? Let’s talk about it.

Armstrong was very concerned about his health, he used laxatives to control his weight, a practice he advocated both to acquaintances, and in the diet plans, he published under the title Lose Weight the Satchmo Way. Armstrong likes Laxatives in his younger days, Pluto water. But one day he discovered the herbal remedy, Swiss Kriss, he becomes a Lose enthusiastic convert. Armstrong Spent his 9 days in jail in 1930. He got arrested for a drug he was a heavy marijuana smoker. He described marijuana as “a thousand times better than whiskey” he Concerns his health and weight was balanced by his love of food, reflected in such as “Cheesecake”, “Cornet Chop Suey”.

what was Louis Armstrong’s height? weight, eyes colour, hair colour, date of birth, wife name and etc.

Full Name Louis Daniel Armstrong
Date of birth 4 August 1901
Name of birthplace New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.
Nicknames Satchmo, Satch, Pops, Louie
Name of Father William Armstrong
Name of Mother Mary Albert
Nationality United State of America (USA)
Language Known English
Awards Received Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award
Name of Spouses 1. Daisy Parker (1919 to 1923)

2. Lil Hardin (1924 to 1938)

3. Alpha Smith (1938 to 1942)

4. Lucille Wilson (1942)

Main Occupation Composer, singer, Musician, Bandleader, Actor, etc.
Name of Genres Jazz, swing, Dixieland, traditional
Height 5 ft 6 in (168 cm)
Weight 74 Kg
Eyes and Hair colours Black
Name of Instruments Trumpet, Vocals
Famous Songs · Hello, dolly

· Mack the Knife

· Wonderful world

Date of Death 6 July 1971 (69)
Let’s Talk About His Career?

Louis Armstrong started his Career from Local New Orleans jazz bands. He was already a great player. Armstrong met Joe Oliver in New Orleans jazz bands first time. Joe helped him greatly in the world of music. In 1910 Louis Armstrong became a very famous music player in New Orleans. Then he moved to Chicago in 1922. Chicago was a thriving city at that time. Over there he joined his mentor Oliver’s Creole Jazz band. Armstrong has a huge fan following and he became very successful & popular very soon.

In 1924 he left Joe Oliver then he joined Fletcher Henderson’s Orchestra dance band in New York City at that time. He became very successful again.

Louis Armstrong also worked in films. In 1936 he played a bandleader in the motion picture ‘Pennies from Heaven’ with Bing Crosby. He became the first African and American to get featured billing in Major Hollywood Movie. In the following years, he appeared in many films with many Hollywood stars.

Between 1940 and 1950, he continued recording & performing. He releasing a super hit Movies like That Lucky Old Sun, La Vie En Rose, and Blueberry Hill. In 1950 he had become very famous in several countries.

How Armstrong died?

On 6 July 1971, the life of Armstrong has Passed away, due to a heart attack. He is still known today as the great Musician of America. In 1990, he was inducted into the Rock and roll Hall of Fame in 1990. read more from here

Some Pictures of Armstrong.

Facebook Page.

Twitter Handle

Louis Armstrong – What A Wonderful World


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