Yoga Myths You Need to Stop Believing

There are dozens of stereotypical ideas about yoga that do not correspond to reality. Because of them, people refuse to train.

Yoga Myths You Need to Stop Believing

But you don’t have to, and here’s why.

Yoga Requires Physical Fitness

People don’t go to class just because they don’t think they’re athletic, strong enough, or flexible enough to do it. But after all, practitioners develop these qualities, which means that the lack of sports training is a reason to start exercising.

Moreover, there are classes for people with both beginner and advanced levels of training, so choose the right group for you and start going to classes today.  

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Yoga is Exercise

Indeed, in practice, there are asanas – physical postures that a yogi takes. But in fact, in each asana, there is a deep underlying reason.

The repetition of some poses is really a sport, physical education, and yoga involves physical, philosophical, and spiritual preparation.

This is an ancient complex, consisting of a dozen parts. Although for those who do not want to study the spiritual aspects of this philosophy, sports groups are created, which are also called yoga, although they are not.

Yoga Can’t Hurt

Classes and similar practices are really useful. But they also do harm. Recent studies have shown that almost everyone who has been practicing for many years develops problems with the joints, especially with the knees.

In addition, beginners often injure their neck and spine by trying to stand on their heads or sit in the lotus position without preparation, and these injuries can not always be cured.

Well, the most common injuries for all yogis are muscle strains and joint damage, so be sure to select the appropriate level of load and follow the sensations.

There are always 2 sides to a coin. Whether you bet on cricket or take up yoga classes you need to be aware of the consequences in every case.

To Practice Yoga, You Need to be Ascetic

Many believe that in order to engage in this practice, you need to deny yourself a lot, up to going to the mountains and stopping contact with people.

It is also often thought that in order to practice, you need to stop eating meat and drinking alcohol, even outside of class. In fact, there are no restrictions on the conduct of classes.

But as they grow spiritually, yogis themselves begin to give up excessive luxury and bad habits, not because of beliefs, but because they simply stop wanting. At the same time, a person continues to have fun, communicate with friends, travel, and live a full life. 

Yoga Can Only be Practiced in a Group with an Instructor

Indeed, for the fastest development, you may need the help of a person who has already passed a certain spiritual and physical path.

This is necessary both to avoid injuries and not to make mistakes that can be avoided. But for this, it is not necessary to go to an expensive specialized or sports club, buy branded leggings, T-shirts and rugs.

Find yourself a personal teacher or join a free group in the park or at the home of an instructor, of which there are dozens in all major cities. And after a while, you can start doing it all on your own.

Yoga Makes You Lose Weight

Often overweight people are embarrassed to exercise or lose weight using other methods because the weight loss effect from static asanas is minimal.

If you want to lose weight, you will have to combine exercise with diet and an active sport. As you know, aerobic exercises are the most effective in this sense: running, swimming, skiing. However, some types of activities also help to lose weight. 


Yoga is a Sect

Some people refuse to study, thinking that they will fall into a Hindu sect. In fact, yoga is more of a philosophical trend that has nothing to do with religion.

Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, atheists, and in general all people can practice, and this will not contradict their religion and beliefs.

Those who are still afraid can first try stretching at the sports center, and then decide whether to delve into philosophy.

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